Graham Morehead at TEDxYouth@Biddeford

24 August 2014 by Graham Morehead, posted in Uncategorized

Topic for this TED Talk: Save the Urchin Fishery With This One Weird Trick!

Unregulated Sea Urchin fishery has left Maine struggling to recover its sea urchin population. Over the years, this precious resource has been exhausted and left unrecovered. A little to few sea urchin species has been spawning in the gulfs of Maine and is reaching alarmingly low levels.

Graham Morehead here talks of a possible solution to this concern. In this video, Graham was invited at TEDxYouth@Biddeford to give a talk about sea urchins to high school students raising awareness among them of this matter going on in the gulfs of Maine.

Click below to watch this talk:

Graham Morehead at TEDxYouth@Biddeford

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