No Longer a Publishing Virgin

From the inky shadows, it came with a whimper, not a shout. I didn't even know it had happened until weeks afterward. I am now a published scientist!!!

I waited for so long. I had almost forgotten about our submissions. We had submitted and resubmitted. Until now, I didn't know how it would feel to get over that hump from "never been published," to "published". It feels good. It seems to hit me in waves.

I spent a few years studying sea urchin ecologies in Maine. As a computer scientist and linguist, it's not what I would have expected to get into, but sometimes you have to roll with the lab that has the funding. I learned about entire fields of science that I didn't know existed before I started with this lab.

The work of this lab is directed by James Wilson, an affable professor who found an important issue and stuck with it for decades. He is an economist in the School of Marine Sciences . He was a friend and multiple-time collaborator with Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom . Our research sought to apply some of her principles in a computational setting.

The first paper, in Fisheries Research, talks about the urchin fishery, my urchin model, and an agent model that others are working on:

Modeling fine scale urchin and kelp dynamics: Implications for management of the Maine sea urchin fishery
Teresa R. Johnson, James A. Wilson, Caitlin Cleaver, Graham Morehead, Robert Vadas; Fisheries Research 141 (2013) 107-117


The second paper, in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, discusses some of our research on complex systems, this time applied to lobsters.

Costly information and the evolution of self-organization in a small, complex economy
James Wilson, J. Hill, M. Kersula, C.L. Wilson, L. Whitsel, L. Yan, J. Acheson, Y. Chen, C. Cleaver, C. Congdon, A. Hayden, P. Hayes, T. Johnson, G. Morehead, R. Steneck, R. Turner, R. Vadas, C.J. Wilson; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2013)


Congrats to the whole team! Thanks must go to all of these people:

Amy Johnson
Bob Steneck
Caitlin Cleaver
Clare Bates Congdon
James Acheson
James A. Wilson
Jui-Han Chang
Larry Latour
Lucas Kaim
Margaret Hunter
Robert Russell
Robert Vadas
Roy Turner
Ted Ames
Teresa Johnson
Yong Chen

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