#aMomentaryLapseOfReason: Bizarre Creatures

The first edition of my #aMomentaryLapseOfReason experiment met a very warm welcome, thank you! Here we go with a second one: 'Bizarre Creatures.' Each Monday, a video and a picture, although unrelated to each other, aim at giving you an insight of a meeting point of science, art and all that goes beyond. Enjoy!

If you have 10 min and are fond of fancy sweet creatures, be sure to check out 'Doomed'. El Señor Studio presents this animation as a collection of "the failures of the natural selection." The astonished gaze of the narrator -- who also develops a relationship with these strange creatures -- tells how these animals are subjects to "an absurd and comic extinction" instead of focusing on survival.

Influenced by 16th century Baroque opulence and Gothic design, Adam Wallacavage’s created 'Shiny Monsters'. These exquisite and bizarre octopus chandeliers are crafted using lamp parts, epoxy clay, and spray paint. You may have a read of this nice interview with Adam.


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