TLDR: Submerged continent found in the Indian ocean

24 February 2013 by Akshat Rathi, posted in TLDR

The island M stands for Mauritius

Scientists have discovered a submerged continent in the Indian ocean, between Madagascar and India. According to sediments found on the coast of Mauritius, at some point during the last 2 billion and 600 million years ago, there was an archipelago that separated from Madagascar and the Indian sub-continent. They then got submerged during the tectonic plate movements that resulted in the way land masses exist today.

Reference:  Torsvik, T. H. et al. Nature Geosci. 2013, 223.

Further reading: Sid Perkins in Nature News

Image credit: Nature Geoscience (Supplementary information)

Update: A reader pointed out that perhaps this was the origin of the legends of Lemuria. Although that is not accurate, the Wikipedia article on Lemuria is worth a read.

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  1. Khalil A. Cassimally Reply | Permalink

    The sandy beaches of Mauritius aren't just for leisure then; they can get you published in a Nature journal. What more could you ask for, really?

    On a more important note, there appears to be some opposition on Reddit to this paper's conclusion from some scientists in the geosciences. Their main criticism seems to be that based on the scientists' findings, the conclusion that an entire continent has been submerged requires a leap of faith.

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