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I'm a freelance science journalist, blogger and filmmaker, based in London, UK. Before studying my recent Masters in Science Communication, I was a jack of all trades and master of none! After somehow finishing a degree in Biochemistry, I went from being an aerospace project management officer to an unemployed international backpacker, and then from a struggling DJ/club promoter to an obedient government policy adviser! But finally I've found my calling, and my current area of interest in science communication is amateur or citizen science, and any initiatives that help bring the tools of science to 'ordinary' people, especially those that need it most. Twitter: @joelwinst


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Creating the true citizen scientist

Posted 16 November 2012 by Joel Winston

Citizen science is a powerful concept. Surely there’s no better way to engage the public in science than to include them in actual research. And already there are hundreds of projects all over the world, including conservation projects that depend on enthusiasts to count local wildlife populations, and internet-based projects, such as Galaxy Zoo, which make use of the human mind’s advantage over computers for recognising patterns in space images. But is this the furthest citizen science can go? While... Read more

Charting New Waters

Posted 24 October 2012 by Joel Winston

The excitement of discovery and invention is moving beyond the lab Cracks are appearing in the scientific culture of the 20th century. Old ways of doing research and disseminating knowledge are being destroyed to be replaced by new ones. Much of scientific research still happens in labs owned by big institutions, but new cultures are emerging. Scientific and technological collaborations, propelled by the rise of the internet, are moving beyond the lab at a rapid pace. This blog aims to capture some of... Read more