Double X Question Video

26 November 2013 by Matt Shipman, posted in Uncategorized

I recently wrote a post about the challenges facing women in the science writing community and referred to a ScienceWriters2013 panel called The XX Question. A video of the panel has now been made available, and I am including it here. It is worth watching.

The session was organized and moderated by Deborah Blum, and the panel consisted of: Emily Willingham, Florence Williams, Kathleen Raven, Christie Aschwanden and Maryn McKenna.

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  1. Allison (@DrStelling) Reply | Permalink

    OK: I'm about half an hour into this. Gotta say one thing, that a well funded male physics PI recently said about getting grant money from the USA:

    "In this business, you need elbows. And steel underwear."

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