Want to Participate in a Science Communication Study? Here’s Your Chance

15 August 2013 by Matt Shipman, posted in Uncategorized

If you’re reading my blog, you have an interest in science communication. That being the case, I thought you might want to participate in a science communication study.

The study is being conducted by Paige Brown, a scicomm grad student and fellow blogger for SciLogs. (You may have read her blog, From the Lab Bench.)

Here’s a note from Paige explaining what she’s up to, and how you can take part. (FYI: if you’re a science reporter or blogger, she really wants you to participate.)

Paige's Note

My name is Paige Brown, and I am a PhD student in science communication at Louisiana State University. For a PhD project, I have created a survey that aims to answer questions related to how science research and press releases are translated into science news.

By participating in this survey, which only takes 15 minutes to complete, you are helping communication researchers understand how science makes its way from research publication to news story.

To participate, simply copy and paste the following URL into a new browser window: https://lsucommunications.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0PTVlA7OUCLqkyV

Thank you for your participation! Please share the survey via social media or e-mail to friends and colleagues as well!

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