#SciLogs Weekly Roundup: Internet Control, Why Journalism Matters, Chronic Fatigue, Energy Race

27 April 2013 by Khalil A. Cassimally, posted in SciLogs

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Akshat Rathi: Social entrepreneurs in India: Water for all

Graham Morehead: A Rational Reaction

Khalil A. Cassimally:

Your anger and that of the people of Boston is completely justifiable. But this is also perhaps a good opportunity to realise that there are millions of people who leave with the same fear and subsequent anger elsewhere on Earth. Too many times we choose not to see such suffering. I hope the Boston tragedy opens our eyes to what happens elsewhere as well. I wrote a short piece expanding upon this a little bit here.

Kerstin Hoppenhaus: Granular reporting

Paige Brown: Internet Control vs. Freedom

Alex Brown: Why do kidneys need cells?


I was surprised the point about 'theory' and 'fact' didn't come up. People often have their own definitions of these words; they might have a theory that Dave's always a bit annoying because he doesn't get enough sleep. But it's not a theory in the scientific sense of the word, and a lot of people don't know what a scientific theory is, which leads them to saying stuff like "evolution is just a theory".

Rayna Stamboliyska: #aMomentaryLapseOfReason: Mother Nature Calling

Pavel Kroupa: The Planck Results on the Cosmic Microwave Background

Tania Browne: One of the Herd

Mićo Tatalović: Croatia bucks the EU trend of science funding

Kris Hardies: The nature-nurture dichotomy

Lee Turnpenny: Libel reform – Lords Amendment 2 reinstated…?

Matt Shipman: Why Journalism Matters

Troy McConaghy: Smiley

William Levis and Frank Martiniuk: Isolation of M. leprae and M. lepromatosis protein antigens and the impact on global leprosy

Kerstin Hoppenhaus: The wider picture: Puzzle solved!

Kausik Datta: Glimpse of an elusive diagnostic biomarker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Viktor Poór: Papers like movies: Lassie

Graham Morehead: Beyond the Energy Race

Matt Shipman: News Brief: New Paper on Social Media for Scientists

Laura Nielsen: New insights: global warming drivers in the 20th century and beyond

Anne-Marie Hodge: Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors for Mesopredators?

Jalees Rehman: Transparency Is Not A One-Way Mirror

Lee Turnpenny: Another comment on BMC Cancer, WDDTY and homeopathy

Kerstin Hoppenhaus: The unlikely mandible

Joanna Martin: Guest post: Autistic traits in children with ADHD: a marker of severity?

Matt Shipman: Who Reads Communication Breakdown?

Tania Browne: The Evidence Explosion

Stephanie Swift: The Science of Guns and Violence in America

Alex Brown: Speaking Science on the Pod Delusion

Malcolm Campbell: No mere kidding around

Malcolm Campbell: Morsels for the mind – 26/4/2013

Kerstin Hoppenhaus: #iEVA: Week 2

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