Welcome to three new #scilogs bloggers!

18 February 2013 by Khalil A. Cassimally, posted in SciLogs

Today I’m pleased to announce that three new very awesome bloggers are joining SciLogs.com.

Marc Kuchner (@marckuchner) is an astrophysicist who works at NASA and a songwriter. He is also the author of the book Marketing for Scientists. His blog on SciLogs.com, also called Marketing for Scientists, will in many ways be an extension of his book. Marc’s aim for his new SciLogs.com blog is to help scientists learn marketing and other tools from the business world to help them win jobs and grants, improve the culture of science, and shape the public debate.

Enthusiastic blogger Alex Brown (@alex_brovvn) also joins SciLogs.com. His new blog, Do you speak science? will focus on science communication and languages as well as his adventures living in countries where English isn’t the first language. Witty, humorous and thought-provoking blog posts expected.

Last but not least, Malcolm Campbell (@m_m_campbell) joins as co-blogger of The Aggregator blog. Malcolm is a professor and vice-principal of Research at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He has been doing some great great curation work on Twitter, highlighting numerous wonderful science writings on a daily basis (check out #SixIncredibleThingsBeforeBreakfast). He is now jumping into the world of science blogging with SciLogs.com. On The Aggregator, Malcolm will posts linkfests of some of the best science content he’s identified from around the web. Expect his first blog post later this week.

Join me in welcoming Marc, Alex and Malcolm to SciLogs.com and go read and comment on their first posts!

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