Annual CLMS Symposium 2014

This is one of the most exciting periods for scientific research in the life and medical sciences, which the Annual CLMS Symposium has come to symbolise. The digitisation of biology is transforming how we do research and how we make scientific discoveries, with UCL very much leading global research. This year's conference evoked the promise of an era of personalised medicine.

photoThe keynote speech by Sir John Chisholm of Genomics England outlined the UK's vision for genomics research, and establish the UK as a global leader. However we still have to find solutions to the questions of privacy and conflicts of interest, which at the moment need to be overcome if we are to truly realise the power of personalised medicine.  With a number of research models being explored that combine public and private sector research, we are on the verge of something quite stupendous.

Maybe the questions of privacy and conflicts of interest will precipitate a cultural change in society, in how we view, and reconcile materialistic and altruistic values. The natural world requires of us to breakdown racial barriers, geographical boundaries and communicate with each other across disciplines in order to make those breakthrough discoveries and cure disease. However, while the scientific research community continues to breakdown prejudices and boundaries for the greater good, society has yet still to breakdown a number of barriers on both a national and international level, which prevents cohesive social progress. It is a thought that needs further reflection and study.

The computational sciences are transforming both scientific research and clinical practice. There is much that we have yet to fully digest especially as we are in the midst of rapid change, which makes the publication of Computational Biomedicine all the more timely. It is the 'first text to make this burgeoning area of multidisciplinary research accessible to the student reader', and was launched at the symposium. It is a book that captures the science that is, and will, shape research this century.

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