inter-disciplinary inter-DTC conference, UCL CoMPLEX, May 16-17

20 May 2013 by Farooq Khan, posted in computational science, events

inter-disciplinary inter-DTC conference, UCL CoMPLEX, May 16-17

The UCL CoMPLEX annual conference this year coincided with a new initiative, the 2013 id² conference, an inter-disciplinary inter-doctoral training centre conference.

the conference brings together students, from doctoral training centres in the UK and abroad, with a shared interest in the application and development of tools from mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering to problems in biomedical science.

This exciting initiative is the first of what is hoped will be an annual conference bringing together researchers from DTCs around the country. The idea to bring researchers from DTCs around the country has a lot of potential to develop into something significant. It is a great way to facilitate interdisciplinary research and encourage the conditions for serendipity science.

The second day of the conference featured talks by scientific giants, Professor Daniel Wolpert, Professor Care Elwell, Professor Darren Wilkinson, and Dr Jim Smith. We were also treated to a talk by science writer Mark Henderson, author of The Geek Manifesto.

Mark Henderson speaking at id2 Conference

Mark's talk highlighted the critical need for scientists to be engaged in politics in order to improve policymaking and the political process. Some interesting questions arose, one question that I still haven't been able to reconcile is why political structures and processes don't have experts leading different areas of government, surely if government and elected bodies consisted of technocrats it would improve the process of policymaking and decision making, rather than people who lack real depth and expertise. This is a question that could be the subject of a book, hmmm...

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