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Guest post: Autistic traits in children with ADHD: a marker of severity?

Posted 25 April 2013 by Pete Etchells

Today's post was written by Joanna Martin. Joanna is a 2nd year PhD student at Cardiff University, in the Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences. For her undergraduate degree, she studied Experimental Psychology at Bristol University.  She's on Twitter as @trufflesquirrel and blogs about life as a PhD student at:   The way researchers, clinicians and society think about child mental health problems is constantly evolving as we discover and come to understand more about the nature of human mental... Read more

How useful is ‘screen time’?

Posted 27 March 2013 by Pete Etchells

Channel 4 in the UK currently has a TV show on Tuesday nights called ’16 and Counting’ - one of those shows that dresses itself up as documentary, when really it just provides a chance for nosey people to get a shallow insight into the lives of other people (in this case, people who choose to have huge numbers of children). Being a nosey person myself, I was zoning out to last night’s episode, until one particular scene caught my... Read more

Power up: how video game expertise can help inform autism interventions

Posted 3 March 2013 by Pete Etchells

A few weeks ago, I had the very good fortune to talk to Dr Elisabeth Whyte from Penn State about her recently crowdfunded project looking at developing video-game-based interventions for autism. You can see the final piece over at The Crux, which includes information about other ways in which video games can help improve health care quality. As part of the interview though, I got to talk to Elisabeth in more detail about how her crowdfunding experience went, what it's... Read more

Crowdsourcing predictions

Posted 28 November 2012 by Pete Etchells

If I mention the name Nate Silver, or FiveThirtyEight, chances are that most of you know what the next sentence is going to be about. Silver is an American statistician who gained widespread global fame earlier this month by correctly predicting not only the outcome in the US presidential elections, but also the winner in every single US state. And it wasn't a one-off - he'd done the same thing in the 2008 elections, getting only Indiana wrong. But he... Read more