Fixing the Fraud: Q&A with Dr Ginny Barbour

Posted 29 October 2012 by Pete Etchells

Leading up to our session on academic misconduct and fraud at SpotOn London, Sifting the Evidence and Counterbalanced are hosting guest posts from session panel members. Today is the turn of Dr Ginny Barbour. Ginny has worked as both a doctor and scientist, before becoming an editor. She joined the Public Library of Science in 2004 and was one of the three founding editors of PLoS Medicine. She became Chair of COPE in March 2012.    Can you tell us... Read more

Hey science, what’s going on?

Posted 2 October 2012 by Pete Etchells

To many, retracted science papers are an unfortunate part of the process. With the best intent, we are told, scientists are only human, and will inevitably make mistakes. And it's a good thing that retractions exist - it shows honesty and integrity in the system; that scientists are willing to admit to their mistakes, and correct them for the common good. Or so we've been led to believe. As Carl Zimmer notes in a recent New York Times piece, Nature... Read more

Quality over quantity

Posted 9 July 2012 by Pete Etchells

Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Watson and Crick’s description of the DNA molecule. All of these, and many more, are easily classed as some of Science’s Greatest Discoveries. But with modern pressures to publish high-impact papers as often as possible, are the opportunities to find the next Great Scientific Discoveries being stifled? As I’ve mentioned before, last year one of the academic heavyweights of social psychology, Diederik Stapel, was found guilty of faking data in... Read more