Responsibility in using the word ‘research’

Posted 4 July 2013 by Pete Etchells

One of the most annoying things you get asked when you tell people that you’re a psychologist is “Cool! Can you read my mind?” Well, no – I’m not a psychic, but that wouldn’t help, because psychics can’t read people’s minds either. However, it belies a deeper image problem that psychology has; sometimes, it’s not entirely clear what ‘psychologists’ actually do.  Given the diverse range and quality of the psychological research that the mainstream media often presents, this is probably... Read more

Quality over quantity

Posted 9 July 2012 by Pete Etchells

Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Watson and Crick’s description of the DNA molecule. All of these, and many more, are easily classed as some of Science’s Greatest Discoveries. But with modern pressures to publish high-impact papers as often as possible, are the opportunities to find the next Great Scientific Discoveries being stifled? As I’ve mentioned before, last year one of the academic heavyweights of social psychology, Diederik Stapel, was found guilty of faking data in... Read more