Buzzword bingo at Spot On London 2013

8 November 2013 by Alex Brown, posted in blogging

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Hand a gizmo to scientifically curious folk and of course we're going to investigate.

Note: If you're neither attending Spot On London 2013 nor following any of the live streams, feel free to stop reading here. For the rest of you, normal service will resume next week.


Malcolm campbell on iPad at solo13

Malcolm Campbell (@m_m_campbell)

Today, I've been at the Science Policy, Outreach and Tools Online (SpotOn) conference taking place at the British Library in London (also known as Solo 13). It continues tomorrow, so I thought I'd take the chance half-way through to write down a few thoughts and propose a game. The relatively informal and friendly atmosphere permeating the sessions and breaks is conducive to some genuinely warm conversations. these in turn lead to insightful, critical, enthusiastic and powerful ideas and connections being formed.

That being said, a community such as ours knows not to take itself too seriously all the time. In that spirit, I would like to propose a game of Buzzword Bingo. The idea is simple: write down a list of tropes expected to turn up at the conference, distribute them on some bingo cards, then hand out the cards for people to fill in. The first person to spot  all the things on their card, wins (typically by either hearing or seeing them). There is no prize, other than the Schadenfreude of other players' disappointment.

Note: Tradition calls for a winner to shout "BINGO!" very loudly when they win, or else they haven't won. I will leave it to your own judgement as to whether you would like to respect this tradition if you happen to be mid-session when you complete your card.

Not having access to a printer right now, and this being a conference about online communication, I've used a website to made a set of virtual cards. The British Library staff are  vacuuming the floor between my feet right now so I need to head off, but i will upload the cards and tweet about it later this evening/overnight.

The words

I've been taking notes throughout the day, and sourcing some terms from Twitter using the hashtag #solo13bingo. The list is still editable by anyone at this link. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

The cards

There are ten sets of five cards, each with 25 terms, at this link. To pick your card:

1) Pick your set of cards. They are numbered 0-9. For the sake of randomness, use the last digit of your number of Twitter followers to find your set.

2) There are five cards per set. they're not numbered but they are in a straightforward layout on the pages (2 per page). To pick your card, look at the time right now. If the minute hand/display says "0 or 1", pick the first card; "2 or 3", the second card, "4-5": card 3; "6-7": card 4; and "8-9": card 5.

Session plug

By the way, I'm running a workshop tomorrow this afternoon at 3:30. It's all about jargon and you can read my preview here. If you're coming, please bring a laptop or iPad (we'll need one for every two to four people in the room). Unfortunately, because of venue logistics, it'll be limited to 40 people, so make sure you're by the door on time if you want to take part!

Over to you:

  • What tropes should I [edit: have] include[d] in my list?
  • Are you enjoying Spot On London?
  • Would you like to play Buzzword Bingo?

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    [...] I really enjoyed the conference and got out more than I put in, both in terms of professional development and fun. Case in point: apart from writing about my session (twice! see the before & after posts), I also set up a bit of fun on the side in the form of a game of buzzword bingo. [...]

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