#solo13 caption competition – the results

21 November 2013 by Alex Brown, posted in speaking science

I recently attended the SpotOn conference in London. As well as running a workshop, I set up a game of buzzword bingo, and a caption competition. Below are the results of the latter. You can read all the entries in the comments section under the competition post.

Honourable mentions

The following people came very close to winning:

Bonus picture submitted by Eva Amsen

Photo by Jason Wen

  • Eva Amsen, who added a slightly unflattering photo of me to the selection (though I am slightly proud of my laptop-as-tray sandwichbalancing skills)

Unconvinced by Jon's hyping of the paleo diet, Alex grabs another sandwich.




The search for #solo13cake began much earlier than anticipated.




The winner

I'm pleased to announce that the winner is Jonathan Lawson. I even had the decision independently verified by a a colleague!

Jon submitted entries for all seven pictures, as well as on Laura Wheeler's own call for captions.

Pic 1: I like it, but does it come in any other colours?
Pic 2: It’s really hard to talk to you when I’m giving an off-screen mon[k]ey a backscratch.
Pic 3: Say ‘hi’, mum.
Pic 4: That’s a tough question. Where’s that bloody hitman when you need him.
Pic 5: Nooo! Don’t drop the cake!!
Pic 6: Wait! What’s my name again?
Pic 7: I knew orange juice at this time was a really bad idea…

Together, they tickled me in just the right way, combining ridiculousness, half-heartedness, topicality and monkeys. So a postcard featuring the LHC and an artist's impression of the Higgs boson is now on its way to Cambridge!

Over to you:

  • I didn't receive any entries to the image editing category. It was a bit too much to ask for I suppose. But just in case anyone fancies a pop at it, I'm going to leave that competition open. The first person to submit an amusing image (as judged by me, on a largely arbitrary basis) will also get a postcard.

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