Mommies in Science

3 November 2011 by Karen Vancampenhout, posted in Uncategorized

Wonder how “combining the job with the baby” works out in reality? Well, sometimes it turns out pretty literally …
mommies in science for nature network small.JPG

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  1. Laura Wheeler Reply | Permalink

    Ah this is almost too cute…but surely the best type of distraction!

  2. Tom Webb Reply | Permalink

    Impressive multitasking! Look out for technology creep, though – my son, at 11.5 months, is already visibly disappointed with any device which lacks a touch screen…!

  3. Karen Vancampenhout Reply | Permalink

    I’ll keep that in mind Tom! To be completely honest, things went south about 5 minutes after the pictures were taken…Apparently, watching mama work gets boring pretty fast for a 4 month old!

  4. Karen Vaughan Reply | Permalink

     I just stumbled across your blog as I sit here at my kitchen counter with my 7 week old lounging away in his vibrating chair – too funny. I was searching for a video to share with my class about a day in the life of a soil scientist. I just started a new job as an asst. professor in soil science – went on maternity leave – and will return to teach my first quarter in January. I have a blog (, but actually do not post anything about my work life. There are times when I would like to share the trials and tribulations of a new professor (now with a child). Your site might have given me the inspiration I need, however, I may start a seperate blog so my friends and family don’t get overwhelmed!

  5. Karen Vancampenhout Reply | Permalink

    Wow, how about that! Another new professor in Soil Science who’s name is Karen and who just had a supercute baby son! I’ll be looking foreward to that blog, keep me posted!

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