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5 January 2009 by Anne-Marie Hodge, posted in Uncategorized

Welcome to Endless Forms! I’m a new blog on the block here at NN, and this is my obligatory introductory post. Although I am new to this network, I have actually been blogging on science for several years now. I first started the habit with Pondering Pikaia, a science/conservation news blog I began as a college freshman. Time flies! I am now a senior, approaching my last semester of undergraduate work and setting myself up for graduate school. A little bit of background information: I am lucky enough to attend Auburn University, where I’m majoring in Zoology/Conservation & Biodiversity, and minoring in Anthropology. I was raised on various military bases, so I can’t really claim a hometown, but my family is from eastern Tennessee. I’m currently in the process of applying to grad schools, and my ultimate aim is to be a professor at a university. During my undergrad years I’ve worked as a mammalogy research assistant. Most of my fieldwork has been with bats, but I have also worked on studies involving prairie dogs, shrews, various small rodents, coyotes, and a study on jaguars and ocelots in Belize last summer with a lab from Virginia Tech. I am a huge fan of bats, actually, so expect to read quite a bit about them on here. Carnivores are still my favorites, though. I am doing my undergrad honors thesis on the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus), and I plan to focus on predators in my future career.

The last 6 months or so have been relatively quiet around Pondering Pikaia: I was doing fieldwork in Belize all summer and came back to an extremely intense fall semester that left me with little time for basic survival, forcing the blogging to take a temporary back-burner. Now, though, things have calmed down and I am ready to re-enter the blogosphere, full steam ahead. Marking my return is a big change, I am shifting my blogging about science news and research to the Nature Network! I will still maintain Pondering Pikaia to record my personal ontogeny as a scientist, with talk teaching, student life, field work, etc, but the meaty scientific topics will be handled here at Endless Forms. I will start off here with a few reposts of favorite entries from Pondering Pikaia, including the pieces that were included in the Open Lab blog anthologies. This material will be posted as an springboard to share my favorite topics, and I will take off from there with more news/research reporting.

My main interests focus on mammalian ecology and conservation, but you can expect to read about a wide variety of topics related to conservation, evolution, zoology, paleontology, and a range of related subjects. As the name of this blog reflects, I am continually in awe of biodiversity and all of the unique shapes and diverse forms life has taken. I am extremely proud and excited to be entering a profession in which the best answers come in the form of further questions. This is me, and I look forward to getting to know you!

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  1. Anna Kushnir Reply | Permalink

    So happy to see you on NN, Anne-Marie! Welcome. As a big fan of Pondering Pikaia, I very much look forward to seeing where you take Endless Forms. Cool blog name, btw.

  2. Jeff Marlow Reply | Permalink

    “Now, though, things have calmed down and I am ready to re-enter the blogosphere, full steam ahead.”

    Is this code for “senioritis has set in”? :)


  3. Anne-Marie Hodge Reply | Permalink

    I hadn’t exactly thought of it in those terms, but that’s probably an accurate translation. ;)

  4. Heather Etchevers Reply | Permalink

    Welcome aboard, Anne-Marie! I’m very much looking forward to your contributions.

  5. Eva Amsen Reply | Permalink

    Welcome to Nature Network! (And congratulations on your OpenLab08 inclusion!)

    It’s interesting how you divide your topics between your old and new blogs. I think I did the exact opposite and ended up with the more personal posts on Nature Network and the other stuff on my old blog – but that’s because many of my readers there are not scientists, and would rather see pretty pictures than see me whining, while here I get a lot of supportive feedback from people when I post my career-angsty tales.

  6. Maxine Clarke Reply | Permalink

    Welcome, Anne-Marie. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  7. Bora Zivkovic Reply | Permalink

    Good to see you settled in here. Looking forward to your future posts. And, see you in 5 days!!!!

  8. Mark Bailey Reply | Permalink

    Oops—I Googled Formless Ends and wound up here. Seriously, good luck with the new blog.

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