In Which I Venture North for Blog Fun

16 January 2009 by Anne-Marie Hodge, posted in Uncategorized

This morning I rode the arctic blast northwards, and I am here in Raleigh. I took a look around NC State earlier today (I am currently on the hunt for grad schools), but my main purpose for being here is the ScienceOnline 2009 blog conference! I had a fantastic time last year, and am looking forward to even more interesting sessions and people this time around. I will be on the panel for the Blogging Adventure: How to Post from Strange Locations session tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:30, where we will discuss issues involved in blogging from remote locations while doing field research. If anyone else on NN (or any other science blog network!) is in town for the conference, keep an eye out for me!

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  1. Eva Amsen Reply | Permalink

    I guess I’ll see you in the bar tonight! I haven’t yet figured out the schedule for the actual conference, but I know when and where all the parties are. (This is something I learned in grad school, by the way =P But don’t worry: I also found out today that I turned into that person who asks a million questions during a lab tour. Grad school also did that )

  2. Heather Etchevers Reply | Permalink

    I hope someone will be taking notes during your talk – but if you have prepared a presentation as well as the off-the-cuff panel presence, please put it up on SlideShare!

  3. Bora Zivkovic Reply | Permalink

    As always, it was fantastic to see you! I hope you had a good trip home and if you get any interviews in this area, let me know so I can organize all sorts of social stuff around it and introduce you to interesting locals.

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