Unquoting Darwin

12 February 2009 by Anne-Marie Hodge, posted in Uncategorized

I will have more Darwin material later today, AFTER my mid-term exam, but wanted to pass along this link, PhysOrg has a report on ways that Darwin and his ideas are frequently misunderstood and/or misquoted in popular culture.

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    I particularly enjoyed this quote:

    Wyhe suggested the fake Darwin quotes may be inspired by the marketing and business milieu, which distorted his ideas to make a point.

    That seems to be the case for Darwin Airlines, a small regional carrier based in Switzerland.

    “We can adapt, we are flexible,” said Vincento Cammarato, the company’s deputy head of communications, who cites one of the contested quotes in explaining the company’s unusual name.

    When informed that the motto was wrong, Cammarato did not seem too concerned, pointing out that not many people know the difference.

    A bigger problem for the tiny airline, he explained, is that some consumers associate Darwin with extinction.

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