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New Mammals of 2010

Posted 27 December 2010 by Anne-Marie Hodge

As 2010 draws to a close, there are all kinds of recap/review lists floating around. Top news stories of 2010, top albums of 2010, and public figures that passed away in 2010. Lists of the best books, movies, worst political bloopers, and most significant natural disasters of the previous 12 months. To jump on the band wagon with my own twist, I present a review of a handful of the new mammal species described by science in 2010: A snub-nosed... Read more

Guest Post at Scientific American: Carnivore Crossing

Posted 9 December 2010 by Anne-Marie Hodge

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct you to my guest blog post over at Scientific American: Carnivore Crossing: How predator species dominated mammal diversity on the Kuril Islands I am shipping out for Ecuador tomorrow to continue my fieldwork, crossing my fingers for more good carnivore data! Do stay tuned for some new posts upon my return in January, however. Happy holidays! ... Read more