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3 February 2014 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments

Wow, hard to believe, but it's already the 10th edition of "Segments", bringing you weekly highlights from the world of arthropods.

  • Fittingly, let's start things off with MANY segments, from the Myriapoda: Derek Hennen (and others) gave the internet a whole lot of awesome content related to these critters: Check out the hashtag: #IStandWithMyriapods and there's a storify too. (Myriapods, by the way, are millipedes, centipedes and related arthropods). Here's a nice photo of one from Morgan Jackson:
Myriapods, myriapods - we all love myriapods!

Credit: M. Jackson. Myriapods, myriapods - we all love myriapods!

  • One of the biggest stories in Entomology these days is the dramatic and horrible decline of the monarch butterfly. I could point you to many potential sites for this story, but Alex Wild sums it up well with these words: "I don’t have many photographs of monarchs. A few bland shots of larvae, a handful of adults on flowers. I never felt any urgency. They were as common as dirt. I just sort of assumed monarchs would always be around to photograph later.     Silly me"
"Clockwork spider"

Credit: Amechanicalmind. "Clockwork spider"

  • Wow. Just wow. Here's a story by Bug Girl about injuries related to bed bug treatments. Here's a quote from that post: "If you are battling bed bugs: PAUSE, take a deep breath, and read the instructions carefully before applying something.  You’ll get better results in the long run, and won’t hurt yourself or others. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice — and make sure the advice comes from someone who isn’t trying to sell you something.". That is good advice, folks!
  • It was a wonderfully pun-filled week, and that's the theme for this "tweet of the week" to my colleague at McGill, Andreas Warburton:

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 2.53.52 PM


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