Segments (11)

10 February 2014 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments

Here's your 11th edition of Segments --> bringing your some arthropod stories, each week.

  • An inordinate fondness for maggots, beetles & so much more. Here's a post by Simon Leather about a visit to a natural history museum, with a focus on Entomology. The enthusiasm is truly infectious.
  • Historically important maggots oh my! Here's a post (the curator of Diptera's blog), that is worth a read… and as Erica writes: "I view those subjects that most people feel squeamish about as truly interesting - I think that nature is ingenious! So, in light of that forewarining, I will proceed…". Here's Erica's tweet on the topic (which, by the way, is the tweet of the week!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.39.51 PM


Credit: N. Turley. Hopper!

  • Bug Bytes: here's a nifty video featuring Andy Warren, all about the Yucca Giant Skipper:

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