Segments (3): Spider Monday

2 December 2013 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments, Spiders

Wow, Black Fly Day was a terrific event last week. As you all know... the Monday following that entomological event, is an Arachnological one - Spider Monday (no folks, no cyber monday for me).  It's helpful that Spider Monday is kind of 'Cyber' anyway... the world wide web. So, today's edition of Segments will be devoted to spider stories.

  • In my post last week about unusual diets of spiders, I failed to point out one of the most amazing jumping spiders, Bagheera kiplingi. This species is a mostly vegetarian spider - a highly unusual diet for an arachnid order known mostly at carnivores.
  • Speaking of jumping spiders, look at this most adorable one, courtesy of Sean McCann:

Credit: Sean McCann. Phidippus johnsoni - so charismatic!

  • Speaking of wolf spiders... "how dangerous are they?".  Warning: this is a piece that's full of errors and promotes ways to 'control' these animals. Seriously, folks: don't believe what you read. Wolf spiders are a FAMILY not a species, they are harmless, and to get rid of them (e.g., in your house), just use a paper towel or something. Sheesh.
  • To finish, a lovely photo of Misumena vatia, from Adrian Thysse. Now, find all those spiders on the web and enjoy your "Spider Monday"

Credit: A. Thysse Misumena vatia, a lovely crab spider


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