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16 December 2013 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments

Hard to believe it's already the fifth instalment of Segments - your weekly arthropod highlights here on Expiscor. Hope you enjoy!

  • Ok, after that incredible story, I think you are ready for a Banjo-playing beetle (courtesy of "bug under glass")
A banjo-playing beetle (reproduced here, with permission) - click here for the listing in Etsy.

A banjo-playing beetle (reproduced here, with permission) - click here for the listing in Etsy.

  • Meet the Mygalomorphae! A spidery blog post by Catherine Scott. Spiders in this lineage are so much more than Tarantulas - they include turret-builders, trap-door builders, sheet-web builders, and more.
  • Are you confused about insects? Curious about how to tell apart different groups? What about earwigs and termites.. what's their relationship?  Don't worry, as Ainsley Seago points out, a termite is just an earwig facing backwards. Not convinced? This will prove the point:
Earwig (L) and Termite (R).

Earwig (L) and Termite (R). (by A. Seago, reproduced here with permission)

  • Here's another very interesting paper on pseudoscorpions: here, social parasitism is documented in two species living in the neotropics. In the authors words (and after 7 years of study): Experiments and direct behavioral observations indicated that the pseudoscorpion Parachernes melanopygus is a social parasite of Paratemnoides nidificator, able to invade host colonies and exploit their resources by simulating host nymphs’ behavior. Wow. Just wow.
  • Right, so it was a terrific week on Twitter for entomologists, that much is clear. That's the spirit of the tweet of the week, courtesy of Alex Wild.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.43.06 PM


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