Segments (6) – the holiday edition

23 December 2013 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments

For me, this time of years marks an important holiday. It's time to relax for a little while, spend time with friends and family, and be grateful for this truly amazing world we live in. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, here's a special edition of Segments.  (oh, and Expiscor will be a little quiet for the rest of the year - I will look forward to posting regular features in early January).

In my part of the world, this time of year is rather white with snow. Snow is nice. So are white moths:

A snow-coloured Arctiid moth.

Credit: S. McCann. A snow-coloured Arctiid moth.


This season is pretty green as well. Green trees in living rooms... green wreaths on doors... a green beetle:

A green scarab beetle.

A green scarab beetle. (photo by A. Wild)

It's hard to talk about the greenness of this holiday season without a nod to the red. Ho ho ho. Here's a wasp:

A wasp, showing off some holiday colours.

Credit: M. Bertone. A wasp, showing off some holiday colours.

Finally, shiny and pretty things, just like this snazzy jumping spider.

Habronattus virgulatus (jumping spider)

Credit: T. Shahan. Habronattus virgulatus (jumping spider)


Happy Holidays, everyone! Stay well. Stay safe.

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