The Arachnophobinator

9 May 2014 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Miscellaneous, Spiders

Earlier this week I wrote a post about Arachnophobia.  One of the take-home messages was that 'very brief exposure' (VBE) may be a clinical method for helping people overcome their fear of spiders. Essentially, this is a technique whereby brief images of spiders are seen alongside 'pleasant' and non-fearful things, such as flowers, English gardens, sea-shells or cute cats...

So, to help, I'm proud to present the "Arachnophobinator".

Here's what people* are saying:

"...this GIF is helping say goodbye to my fears about spiders"

"...the Arachnophobinator is now my screensaver! Spiders ARE awesome"

"...this is an example of how scientific research results can be turned into something really helpful!!!"

"...the Arachnophobinator changes lives"

Please watch this over and over again, and perhaps, over time, you will find spiders to be pretty darn awesome.




Please share!

(by the way, all the images for the Arachnophobinator came from the incredible biodiversity heritage library photostream


*um, this is stretching the truth, a lot. There are no 'people', there is representing only me, myself & I.

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  1. Hydro LabRat Reply | Permalink

    I love reading about spiders, looking at all the really awesome pictures and videos of them, and the section on spider mating rituals in Invertebrate Zoology class was fascinating, but when I see one scuttling across the floor of my apartment, or creeping up the wall, all that goes out the window mentally. It's a purely irrational fear/loathing, I know. Where does it come from, and why doesn't all my scientific knowledge of them fix it?

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