The Final Segment

17 February 2014 by Christopher Buddle, posted in Segments

The 12th and final segment is here! Here are some highlights from the world of arthropods, from last week:

  • Also on wired science, 'Dating advice for spiders'. As written on that post…"arachno-dating advice goes something like this: For starters, bring a gift. If you show up empty-handed, you’re probably going home disappointed. Also, if you give her a sucky gift? No sex. Probably"
  • One of the best stories last week was about a beetle names in honour of Darwin and David Sedaris, with this publication coming out on Darwin's Birthday. Rightfully so, this hit the news in a big way. Well done, Stylianos Chatzimanolis! Here's a photo of the beautiful beast (reproduced here, with permission):

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.48.14 PM

  • Tweet of the week was a pretty easy one:

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 3.08.28 PM

Myrmecia pilosula

Credit: A. Wild. Myrmecia pilosula


I will now take this opportunity to announce that this, the 12th segment, will be the last segment (at least for a while). Instead, I will feed great arthropod links to Malcolm Campbell, as his 'Morsels for the Mind' is truly amazing, and about the *best* link-fest out there. So, instead of doing a link-fest devoted to arthropods, I will encourage all of you to check out Malcolm's posts and his 'bug links' will surely satisfy.

That being said, the 'ten facts' feature will become a regular feature on Expiscor, and I hope you will enjoy it!  If you wish to contribute to 'ten fact, let me know!

Finally, a most sincere THANKS to everyone who has followed "Segments", supported this feature on Expiscor. It means a lot to me.


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