Photo of the Week: Signal Fly

4 August 2013 by Paige Brown Jarreau, posted in Nature, Photography

Signal Fly, Platystomatidae rivellia. Photo by Paige Brown,

This photo of the week was taken behind my apartment in Durham, North Carolina, on August 3rd 2013. I used a Canon T3i attached to a Canon 100mm macro lens, plus a speedlite on a light-stand.

This photo is of a signal fly, Platystomatidae rivellia. According to, the name of this fly comes from the fact that the wings are in almost constant motion, as though giving signals. This is a small fly, with a range of body length 3-12 mm. The larvae of this fly grows on decaying vegetation.

Signal Fly, Platystomatidae rivellia, montage. Photo by Paige Brown.

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