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21 July 2014 by Paige Brown Jarreau, posted in Science Blogosphere, SciLogs

A warm welcome to the newest bloggers at SciLogs.com!


Amy McDermott is the author of our newest blog ReefsRising, news from our fascinating and fragile tropical seas.

From her 'About the Blog' page: The shallow, sunlit waters of tropical seas rival rainforests in their biodiversity. They are home to thousands of species of corals, fish, and invertebrates – fascinating communities that are too often threatened by unsustainable human activities. ReefsRising reports on the world of tropical marine research, sharing the cool, the weird, and the imperiled in our world's gorgeous shallow seas. 

Amy is a Master's student at Columbia University studying the evolution and conservation of coral reef fish in the tropical Indo-Pacific. Born and raised in California, she is a New York transplant as of 2013.

Follow Amy on Twitter @amesydragon.


Maren Hunsberger_LunchBox Science

Maren Hunsberger is the author of our newest blog LunchBox Science, a blog dedicated to answering everyday science questions through video and engaging storytelling.

From her 'About the Blog' page: A blog and YouTube channel that answers questions from viewers & readers about everyday phenomena that pop into your head at say, lunch, examining them through the lens of scientific discovery). Includes topics from all along the scientific spectrum, giving you a little taste of anything you'd like to learn--it's like opening your lunchbox! What can we learn from the weird stuff that happens in our world? How can we look at it from a different perspective? What other questions does it inspire?

Join Maren to find out. Maren is a rising senior at the College of William Mary, studying biology and environmental science. She has been an editorial intern for Sierra magazine and is currently the Senior News and Features Editor at the Journal of Young Investigators. She's an aspiring journalist, scientist, and communicator, with particular interests in microbiology, neuroscience, and animal behavior.

Follow Maren on Twitter @thatlunchbxgirl


Rhiana Simon_SentioScribe

Rhiana Simon is the author of our newest blog SentioScribe, a blog about neuroscience, people, their health and their environment.

From her 'About the Blog' page: These are pretty important topics, rife with untold stories and buried perspectives. I mean, unawareness of ourselves, our health, or our environment could mean anything from strolling off a cliff to flooding the earth’s landmasses with an extra ten feet of ocean. We like learning about ourselves—especially about our brains and about how our brains relate to others’. That’s some interesting stuff, right there. But this blog isn’t just writing about cool stuff, as fun that’d be (still will strive for it, though). It’s more about connecting the science to the people. You know, connecting science to yourself, to your family and friends, or to people out there who are struggling with health or environmental problems, which science could potentially solve.

Rhiana calls herself "just a Korean-Cajun hybrid from small-town Cantonment, Florida." She likes writing, people and science. She is currently completing a degree in neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


IMG_2995 (Large)

Lucy Anderson will soon be the author of Invaded Earth blog at SciLogs.com.

From tropical coral reefs to polar ice caps, invasive species are devastating fragile ecosystems and threatening species across the globe. But who exactly are these silent assassins? How did they get there? And why should we care? Invaded Earth will explore the latest scientific research into the impacts that invasive non-native species are having, the tactics they use to succeed in new environments and the tools being employed by scientists to defeat these fascinating yet destructive intruders.

Lucy Anderson is a conservation biologist from the UK. She’s currently researching the role that people play in the accidental spread of aquatic invasive species and developing innovative ways to reduce this spread for her PhD at the University of Leeds. Avoiding the lab bench where possible, previous research expeditions have taken her from the highlands of Scotland to the tropical coral reefs of the Cook Islands and from New Zealand’s lakes to the Australian Desert. She’s passionate about making environmental science engaging and accessible to all through writing, presenting and occasional forays into podcast and short film production.

She’d love to meet you on Twitter @lucyganderson


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