Retrospective Perspective – HLF14

26 August 2014 by Beatrice Lugger, posted in General

This year, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum will be realized for the second time. Again 200 young researchers from mathematics and computer science will have the opportunity to interact with the luminaries in their fields. So far 24 Laureates are expected to join the Forum. They will give lectures and/or discuss actual research topics. Two of the Laureates have been awared the well known Fields Medal (Manjul Bhargava) and the Turing Award (Leslie Lamport) only recently in 2014!

For sure, if you take a look at the program you will not really get an idea, of what the Forum will be like. Because the most important part is the exchange, that takes place all the time during coffee brakes, in the morning hours or at the dinners – an interdisciplinary exchange between generations of researchers.

But you may get a slightly better impression by looking at the review of the HLF13.

For curious newcomers I specially recommend the "image video" which uses the power of pictures to give you an impression.

Of course, the HLF14 will be quite different from the HLF13. There will be other people, new research fields will be discussed ... and who knows what the weather will be and more. But one thing is for sure. It will again be a very intense meeting.

I wish all of you, who will have a chance to go there, much anticipation. See you in Heidelberg!

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