Entropy in the UK

13 March 2008 by Henry Gee, posted in Uncategorized

When Heidi the dog

(all together now — aaaaah!) takes me for a walk, we usually get to the beach by going down the end of the street and cutting through a stretch of woodland called Links Wood

and across a playing field. But if you go down to Links Wood and look around, you’ll be in for a big surprise. For attached to a retaining wall (it now holds up the country club) just to the right of the view above, you’ll see this rather astonishing blue plaque…

Apologies for the scruffiness of the photo – the notice reads
played their penultimate British gig to a
capacity crowd of fans and police at the
Links Pavilion that stood near this site,
Christmas Eve 1977.
Really, it’s amazing what you can find on a walk around Cromer.
The Links Pavilion was, of old, a magnet for well-known bands keen to try out a show away from the metropolitan spotlight — but with a guarantee of an enthusiastic and (presumably) uncritical audience of Norfolk residents starved of much entertainment. The event is still remembered in Norfolk more than 30 years later, by the impresario who brought the Pistols to deepest Norfolk, and by the people who went to the gig.
Don’t go looking for the Links Pavilion now, though – it’s not there any more. It burned down just three months after the Pistols played there. Apart from that blue plaque, nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.

5 Responses to “Entropy in the UK”

  1. Bob O'Hara | Permalink

    What does all this mean for the local War on the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

  2. Henry Gee | Permalink

    Nothing. There’s more to life than thermodynamics. But just for you, I’ve changed the title of this post.

  3. Henry Gee | Permalink

    I’m appalled to report that in the past few weeks the Sex Pistols plaque has been STOLEN.

  4. Richard P. Grant | Permalink

    One thinks the Sex Pistols might approve of such an act of anarchy.

  5. Henry Gee | Permalink

    Yes, but I don’t! It’s a badge of the only thing of any interest that’s ever happened in Cromer!!


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