Conspiracies and their theories

Posted 15 September 2012 by Thomas Grüter

Each year in September conspiracies and conspiracies theories about 9/11 are being discussed all over again. The old questions – and a few newer ones – about the sequence of events, possible manipulations of the public and a possible involvement of US agencies are being raised anew. But, do we really have good reasons to believe that the “true” conspirators are yet to be found? There is no lack of alternative plots on the internet, of course. “Nothing but conspiracy... Read more

Rules of irrationality

Posted 29 July 2012 by Thomas Grüter

Is irrationality just the lack of rationality, just the breakdown of normal thinking? If so, human reason seems to fail quite regularly, because a surprising number of people are taken in by quacks every year. They pay for horoscopes or believe in homoeopathy. And what about religion? Is it, as Richard Dawkins proposes, nothing more than a dangerous delusion? I doubt it very much, because evolution has produced a brain that may think logically, but doesn't have to. Certain kinds... Read more