Drop of tar captured on film after nearly 70 years of waiting

26 July 2013 by Lowell Goldsmith, posted in JID Jottings

Drop of Coal Tar

Image used with permission of David Whyte, Trinity College Dublin


The world has waited a mere nine months for the new royal prince . . . but the world has been waiting much longer for a drop of liquid to come from tar-pitch (asphalt), proving that it is a liquid. It just happened -- after nearly 70 years of waiting. Sadly, another  group of researches missed the drop in their  experiment, and their children are now waiting to see if they can confirm the experiment. Patience is a virtue, and being first with the data wins the race -- even if it is a slow race. See the details of the role of coal tar in new skin drug development in the March 26, 2013 blog.

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  1. Monado Reply | Permalink

    So where's the video? And does computer simulation of tar's viscosity give an answer within shouting distance of 70 years?

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