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I'm a German freelance journalist with a focus on science and technology, especially robotics, information technology, internet trends, military technology.


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The Robot App

Posted 5 December 2012 by Boris Haenssler

The IEEE has published an ipad app about robotics. Of course I had to be one of the first people to buy it. I wasn't disappointed. It presents app. 130 robots and so it's a very good overview of current research and development. You will certainly know some of the robots. The most famous are Nao, Asimo, PackBot, Google Self Driving Car or Da Vinci. You can list the robots by type (Aerospace, Humanoid, Telepresence and so on), by date... Read more

Telepresence robots become inexpensive and … botiful

Posted 9 November 2012 by Boris Haenssler

I work on a text about telepresence robots. These types of robots will be remotely controlled by someone via internet. They are currently used mainly in hospitals and in the military. And unfortunately the systems are still very expensive. But new developments show, that we can expect low-priced solutions soon. Several robots make it to the market – some are still prototypes such as iRobot's AVA – that are controlled with tablets instead of an included “brain”. I don't know... Read more

The Laws of Robotics

Posted 24 October 2012 by Boris Haenssler

Have you recently met a robot? I mean, not one of those iRobot Roomba dust killing robots. I think about science-fiction humanoid robots, who talk to you as if they were a member of your family. Who maybe one day decide to tell you, that human beings have had their time but now a more intelligent species like his own should take over. No, most of you haven't met this kind of robots. There is a huge gap between robot... Read more