The Laws of Robotics

24 October 2012 by Boris Haenssler, posted in Uncategorized

Have you recently met a robot? I mean, not one of those iRobot Roomba dust killing robots. I think about science-fiction humanoid robots, who talk to you as if they were a member of your family. Who maybe one day decide to tell you, that human beings have had their time but now a more intelligent species like his own should take over.

No, most of you haven't met this kind of robots.

There is a huge gap between robot science fiction and robotics in research. Maybe you can imagine it like this: In Daniel Wilsons book "Robopocalypse" an artificial intelligence named Archos becomes self-aware and decides to kill the human civilization in order to preserve biodiversity. At the beginning of his revolution it works. He infects all electronica devices to attack human beings around the globe. Now try to imagine: In an underground lab a scientist of today creates such an intelligence. The intelligence becomes self-aware and decides to act exactly like Archos: But what would happen? Archos strongest weapons are autonomous cars, humanoid household robots and military robots. Today I guess Archos wouldn't come very far.

So this is the topic of my blog. I want to write about the robots and artificial intelligence in research, everyday life and in science fiction. I'm not a pessimist. I don't expect robots to revolt. I don't expect our house and our cars turning against us. I want to discuss with scientists, what robots can do today, what they will do tomorrow and what the real dangers of robots are. One is that people could become more lazy. It's what one scientist said. The more intelligent our devices are, the less we are motivated to leave our sofa. I think we can manage to live with such risks.

I write a German blog on robotics, artificial intelligence and cyberspace. This English one will cover similar topics, but it won't be a translation. I will write more about German research here, whereas in my German blog I often focus on US research.

So welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it!


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  1. Kausik Datta Reply | Permalink

    Welcome to Scilogs. I would love to read about robotics research from someone who understands it, because popular media, including popular science media, don't always report what is going on in this field around the globe.

  2. Khalil A. Cassimally Reply | Permalink

    Welcome to, Boris. The topic of your blog is awesome. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's looking forward to it.

  3. Jim Reply | Permalink

    My shaver recharges by USB attached to my laptop, but who knows what other information could be shared between them, Archos could have had a field day had this particular recharging innovation been more popular ;-) In any case, I will eye it dubiously before placing on throat.

    Welcome to Scilogs ;-)

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