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27 July 2012 by Ivana Gadjanski, posted in General

The fresh new Scilogs.com ready to spread its blogging wings! How exciting!

I'm really happy to be part of this whole initiative because it has a very good vibe to it. I think the best general intro is already given by Suzi Gage at her blog, so I'd like to start in medias res.

I have 2 topics which occupy me the most these days/months...

  1. Preparation of the first Stem cell biology textbook in Serbian in collaboration with two other great Serbian stem cell biologists I will introduce along the way
  2. Explorations of science/art connections - which is a topic I'm always interested in, but these days I actually got a definite idea how to go about it in a more concrete way.

For the topic 1: Stem cell textbook: my idea is to post here on my blog some working notes about e.g. chapter structure, some of the definitions (and these are quite a tricky issue when it comes to the stem cells:), perhaps some drafts of the illustrations we are preparing and then see what you guys, (and that means all the readers, not "only" fellow blogers:) have to say about it...it's not exactly open-source writing, but it is, in a way, open-source approach. My idea is to use this blog as a place for discussing some of the issues we keep coming across in the process of writing this textbook - and, no worries, I won't be posting in Serbian, but I would like to discuss the issue of using scientific terms which originated in English in other languages - I think an international forum like Scilogs.com is a perfect place for such discussion! I will be also writing about some of the new, totally exciting discoveries in the field of Regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and stem cell biology - yup, I know, it's a huge field - so stay tuned:)

For the topic 2: Science/art connections - let's keep the more specific subtopics I'd like to discuss here under a veil of mystery for just some time longer:) For an entrée or sort of a teaser trailer have a look here. Found me?

Anyway, I'll be dealing with both topics, but in separate posts, so don't you worry, I won't be posting any songs with lyrics dealing with pluripotency or stemness:) ...well, maybe just one or two...kiddin':)


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  1. Richard Zinken Reply | Permalink

    Hi Ivana,

    "because it has a very good vibe to it" describes perfectly what I felt the last weeks when we where working on the launch of SciLogs.com. Thanks for that words!

    Hope you are happy with the backend as well,



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