6 August 2012 by Ivana Gadjanski, posted in stem cells

Well, I said I'll be writing about stem cells. Among other things :)

I'd like to write now about SCOPE- Stem Cell Outreach Program for Education initiated by Prof. Paul Knopfler on his blog.

The best would be perhaps to just quote Paul himself:

"The idea behind SCOPE is to make available on the Internet a basic page of facts about stem cells in as many languages as possible.

Our motto could be articulated as “Not lost in translation!”

Stem cells are a topic that concerns the people of the world, not just certain countries or certain people speaking only in certain languages.

SCOPE has been a big hit and as the number of languages has grown, the number of page views of my white paper “What are stem cells?” in languages besides English has skyrocketed. For example, our page in Spanish has received about 1,000 views, while the pages in Chinese and Japanese are not far behind.

We are getting readers from all over the world who appreciate reading about stem cells in their own languages.

We now have the stem cell white paper in the following thirteen languages (listed alphabetically with links in each specific language).

A big thank you goes to our volunteer translators!

If you can help with an additional translation in another language please email me at:"

Ok, now the author of this blog, i.e. myself :)

I did the translation to Serbian. I'd like to invite everyone here who think they could help either by volonteering to translate to their language - which is not yet on the list, or by sharing this info to do so.

Knowledge is for the sharing. And not everyone speaks English, which is one fact that sometimes seems to be overlooked and neglected in science...

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  1. Dan Arel Reply | Permalink

    this is awesome! not only am i sharing this page to everyone i know, but it makes me want a learn another language just so i can help!

    • Ivana Gadjanski Reply | Permalink

      Hey Dan, I'm glad you think this is awesome. I totally agree SCOPE is awesome! thanks for sharing!

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