Mission Statement


Good Science is transparent and provides us with new knowledge about the world and ourselves. As an important part of our culture and society, science is never isolated. Sharing  new results and recent developments as well as ongoing  dialogue with the public are characteristics of good science.

Good blogs are personalized, authentic and active. Often, they provide unique perspectives. Blog posts are genuine  invitations for dialogue;  readers are invited to comment and to ask the bloggers questions.

The SciLogs combine the strengths of both science culture and the blog medium. They provide scientists and those interested in science  with the opportunity to interact in interdisciplinary discussions about science in all its forms : research, practical applications, ethics, , politics etc.


SciLogs – The daily storyline of science

Idea: Carsten Könneker, Ph.D.
Responsible: Richard Zinken
Technical Administration: Christoph Roloff
Graphic Design/Layout: Marc Grove

Your Blog within the SciLogs
The SciLogs are not a closed community; every user is invited to comment, and new bloggers are welcome, too. Please submit your blog or blog idea to info@scilogs.com  and we will check if we fit together.