Great Adaptations – A Bold Project Bringing Evolutionary Knowledge to Kids

Exploring religion from an evolutionary perspective, I have been repeatedly flabbergasted by a specific gap: Evolutionary theorists tended to bring up far more scientific facts, but dynamic religious movements tended to bring up far more catching narratives! Although a lot of scientific authors and bloggers contributed to closing this gap concerning educated adults, this gap remained with regards to children! Obviously, the fact that the non-religious tend to have smaller families than the devout and evolutionary theism has only started to form as a cultural milieu led to a lack of well-done products in an important field of education.

So I was very delighted to hear from my evolutionary colleagues about the "Great Adaptations"-Project bent on producing evolutionary and child-friendly stories and art. It seems to gain growing support at Kickstarter and I would love to invite you to take a look at these future-oriented ideas & works! We'll direly need those works in (ageing) Germany, too!


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