Religion, Brain & Behavior – Free to Download this Month!

13 February 2013 by Michael Blume, posted in Book Reviews, Evolutionary Studies

Its name is "Religion, Brain & Behavior", it is published by Taylor & Francis - and it quickly became THE cutting-edge journal for evolutionary studies of religion! Being a member of the IBCSR (Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion), I am enjoying every issue and found lots of thoughts and data relevant to my work.

But now, I got a notification that all published articles which ever appeared on RBB are free for download throughout February 2013!

I mean, not only book reviews like the one I did recently on Eric Kaufmann's "Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?" - but all!

If you are having any interest in evolutionary studies whatsoever, I would recommend starting with the ranking of the most-read papers here. Grab some content - and enjoy evolutionary studies of religion at its best!

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    Thanks for the tip!

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