Religion evolves! Baba Brinkman raps about Evolutionary Studies of Religion

Since I decided to enter the realms of science as a youth, I entertained a certain dream: That the field of science I wanted to contribute to shouldn't be confined to secluded specialists, but that it should be discussed in public magazines and at kitchen tables, maybe even edutained and enjoyed in movies and arts. Back then, this has been a rather heretic concept at German universities and I was explicitly warned as a young scholar in Religionswissenschaft (the scientific study of religion) against "meddling with biologists" and against blogging.

I decided to go for my dream - and never regretted it. And these days, you can see me smiling and even dancing to a certain song - which IS a sight better confined to the most private spheres ;-).

The reason for my happiness is Baba Brinkman, whose "Rap Guide to Evolution" was a huge success by bridging evolutionary studies and rap music.

By now, you might assume what Bab's new rap project is featuring... It's Evolutionary studies of Religion!

And as I can assure you, Baba not only produced great art, but he also checked his facts, contacting some of us for "peer-reviewing" his remarkable lyrics.

You can listen to (and back) his upcoming Rap Album "Religion evolves" here. I already did, as it felt like a dream of a youth coming true...


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