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Vote for “Method of the Year”

Posted 28 August 2008 by Noah Gray

Last year, the editors of Nature Methods chose a “Method of the Year” (MOY) and the winner was next generation sequencing. This feature included an editorial, commentaries, news features and other types of content discussing the winning technique. This year, the editors want input from the scientific community. Go here to see the nominees and cast your vote. Interestingly, you can vote positively or negatively for a technique as well as leave comments in discussion forums. Although the ultimate choice... Read more

What does mirror self-recognition really mean?

Posted 27 August 2008 by Noah Gray

We are all fascinated by the intellectual abilities of animals; with the blatant use of personification in advertising: movies/stories: and teaching: one could rightfully think that deep-down, we all wished our beloved creatures could do the things we see them accomplish in cartoons and storybooks. I’m no different; in fact, whenever I read Bob O’Hara ’s posts or comments, in my head, I imagine The Beast moving his lips and doing most of the talking. So it is easy to... Read more

Janelia East and the quest for round scientists

Posted 20 August 2008 by Noah Gray

A recent news story in Nature describes the future construction of a brand new neuroscience research institute based at University College London. The center will aim to “elucidate how neural circuits carry out information processing that underpins behaviour”. Karel Svoboda, a prominent neuroscientist at the Janelia Farm Research Center in Virginia, was quoted in the story as stating that this new UCL institute might be “Janelia East”. Given the two published goals of JFRC: The identification of general principles that... Read more

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…

Posted 18 August 2008 by Noah Gray

… green? Well, yes. It doesn’t sound as nice as the original, but that is exactly the color to describe my envy since I will not be attending the NN blogging conference in London (Aug. 30). Why, exactly, won’t I be there? Well, first, I just became a blogger on NN (something new), using their soon-to-be-upgraded-to-a-new-platform blogging software (something borrowed). I also thought that I would be at another conference discussing neurodevelopment at the time of the blogging conference. Well,... Read more