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It only took a month for me to retract the title of this blog…

Posted 26 September 2008 by Noah Gray

…thanks to Katie Couric. After watching these videos, I can’t stay silent. I am absolutely horrified and shocked that this candidate represents part of the ticket that is one of my two options when I go to vote for the President of the United States. I repeat…the President of the United States!!!!!! It is beside the point that I was not going to vote for John McCain anyway, but had I been “on the fence”, I would be absolutely insulted... Read more

NIH now leaderless – Zerhouni resigns

Posted 24 September 2008 by Noah Gray

NIH director Elias Zerhouni resigned today, only to beg the question…why? Of course there was the burning reality that he was likely to be replaced with the installment of a new administration, even under McCain. But why walk away now? Rampant speculation has started… Here is the full statement: ... Read more

The future of competition

Posted 24 September 2008 by Noah Gray

Man, I am SO far behind on my blog posts; I have 5-6 topics swirling in my head, half-written, half-researched, or in some alternative form of partial existence. But a recent comment by David Featherstone on the previous entry warranted a new thread to see if we can spur on additional discussion. At issue is competition and how it affects the way people do science, and here is David’s fear: Which leads us into a discussion of Web 2.0 or... Read more

[AP REPOST] Paranoia in research – justified or not?

Posted 3 September 2008 by Noah Gray

[I warned you in my inaugural entry that when I get swamped, I am going to do the green thing and recycle some posts that I think might initiate more discussion. This one was originally posted at Action Potential on July 12, 2007. DrugMonkey and I had a bit of fun with this one that continued much later here] I just returned from attending my second Gordon Research Conference in two months and I am surprised by what I have... Read more