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Cosyne 09, Or: How I learned to stop ignoring Web 2.0 and love the Twitter

Posted 27 February 2009 by Noah Gray

I joined Nature Neuroscience in March, 2007 with little more experience in Web 2.0 technology than posting to my postdoctoral lab’s internal wiki page. A couple months into the job, I was asked by then Chief Editor Sandra Aamodt to try my hand at blogging. I had never done such a thing before, but said “Sure.” Initially, I rekindled the flame at the Nature Neuroscience blog Action Potential with a number of posts, some of which I actually became quite... Read more

Research highlights from Dr. Obvious: Tracking the citation advantage of open-access publication in the developing world

Posted 22 February 2009 by Noah Gray

N.G.- A new study published this week in Science sought to explore the effect that open-access has on citation rates. But Dr. Obvious, hasn’t this been done before?? Dr.O.- Well, certainly this has been examined to some degree [see here, here and here, but also see here and here], but we felt that many of these studies were flawed and needed to separate parameters like open-access and actual electronic access (web access). N.G.- So what was the result? Did citation... Read more

Would $500,000 buy you the good life in your city?

Posted 10 February 2009 by Noah Gray

Let’s get away from editorial nonsense and back into politics. Well, kind of into politics. And also some economics. President Obama recently proposed to limit the salaries of top executives from those firms receiving federal bailout money as a means to reign in white collar pay from the stratosphere. The limit? $500,000 (€384,166.97; £335,358.67; ¥45,713,092.62). What does this buy in New York City, the place where many of these executives reside? Not much, according to an analysis published Sunday in... Read more