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Moving beyond an uncompromising generation

Posted 19 May 2009 by Noah Gray

President Obama gave the commencement address at my Alma Mater this past Sunday. It was both an exciting and sad day for the graduates, I’m sure. When the University of Notre Dame President, Rev. John Jenkins invited President Obama to speak, I’m sure he was aware of the potential barbs, criticism and the general lack of pleasantries that could would come his way. Yet, courageously, he went ahead with the controversial pick. Why was it controversial? Well, Notre Dame is... Read more

The general public knows very little about neuroscience

Posted 11 May 2009 by Noah Gray

I don’t get a lot of traffic at the ole’ Facebook inbox, but I did recently receive a note from a high school friend who had neuro-based questions and therefore took advantage of our connection. She works for a large consulting firm in the US and recently took part in an employee survey assessing workplace ethics. The curator of said survey apparently subscribes to the notion that 5% of all humanity is inherently evil and [wait for it….] TEH SCIENCEZ... Read more

What was bright and shiny this week? 05.08.09

Posted 9 May 2009 by Noah Gray

There were no weekly summaries for a few weeks. I was in Ireland. And England. And I was lazy. Sorry. It’s unfortunate because I didn’t get a chance to add to the swine flu hysteria. But seriously, if you are interested in aggregated coverage of the impending pandemic [shudders!!], click through to the Nature News Special content page. 3…2…1…neuroscience…beneath the fold…GO! (cont.) ... Read more

A template for publishing high profile neuroscience papers [MAD LIB STYLE!!!]

Posted 7 May 2009 by Noah Gray

The Neurocritic has a post providing a template for publishing cognitive neuroscience in everyone’s favorite journal that begins with the letter “S”. I took the liberty of extending the form slightly so as to finish off a proper abstract. I found this to be quite hilarious on a number of levels, but the one I will state publicly is that I used to love to do MadLibs (who am I kidding, I STILL DO!!!!) and it was pleasing to be... Read more

Neurobeat 5: Kittenz and Thee Glitz presents Felix Da Housecat

Posted 6 May 2009 by Noah Gray

Neurobeat is a music series on Nothing’s Shocking that comes out late on Tuesday nights. Every other week a new song/artist is featured to complement my mood or experiences of the previous week. If you’re wondering why in the hell I’m doing this, please read the original Neurobeat for my reasons. The last Neurobeat edition began to betray my lust for the beat. I’ve always managed to find a place where the DJ spinz to feed the beast; whether in... Read more