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Blog Focus: Hallucinogenic drugs in Modern Medicine and Mental Health

Posted 30 August 2010 by Noah Gray

Distorted perceptions and an altered state of mind: two reasons why psychedelics have always attracted not only fascination, but also controversy for decades. A recent Perspective in Nature Reviews Neuroscience entitled The neurobiology of psychedelic drugs: implications for the treatment of mood disorders, by Franz Vollenweider & Michael Kometer explores why there is a renewed interest in the clinical potential of psychedelics for treating mental disorders, after nearly a 40 year gap in clinical experimentation. Anticipating a significant interest in... Read more


Posted 24 August 2010 by Noah Gray

Start by scaring people about some digital stuff. Then, over-hype some animal behavioral experiments that are difficult to translate to humans. Immediately lower to a simmer and confuse the reader by leaping to an actual human psychology experiment that is completely unrelated to the animal experiments in the previous paragraph (but don’t worry, your readers won’t notice because YOU NEVER DESCRIBED THE SPECIFIC ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS ANYWAY!!! SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE?? GREAT!!) Fill in lots of personal anecdotal accounts of... Read more

The Psychology of “The Neuroscience of…”

Posted 21 August 2010 by Noah Gray

With production fast approaching for a brand new edition of LONGSHOT magazine, I suddenly realized that although I actually published a piece in Issue Zero of “The Magazine Formerly Known As 48HR Magazine,” that essay never really made it into cyberspace in any fashion. (For background on all of this name-switching, read this.) What was 48Hr Magazine? Well, it was self-described as: “In May 2010, we conducted a two-day media experiment. 8,000 people signed up, 1,500 submissions came in, 35... Read more