Preview of the future: Semantic enhancements for research articles

20 April 2009 by Noah Gray, posted in Uncategorized

I’ll be out of blogging touch for a bit as I travel to Ireland for the Wiring the Brain conference (FYI, I will be tweeting from this meeting with the hashtag #wibrain), followed by a short trip to the Mother Ship:

In the meantime, be sure to read this article on what we may see in the not so distant future regarding the marriage between scientific communication and the semantic web (got this via Bora). I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently since noticing our newest NN blog on Web Science by James Hendler. We’ll have to talk more about this when I return…

2 Responses to “Preview of the future: Semantic enhancements for research articles”

  1. Frank Norman | Permalink

    I just saw an alert to another article by the same author, on similar topic.

  2. Graham Steel | Permalink

    Thanks, Noah.

    I have no problem at all in divulging the fact that I am the only person thus far to ‘rate’ this Manu. and gave it a “5/5” as I think it’s a real cracker.

    Nice link, Frank.

    Finally, who is this ‘Bora’ ??


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