Apollo’s Flights to the Moon

29 July 2012 by Markus Völter, posted in Podcast

Recently we have had two really nice, detailed, geeky episodes about the Apollo programme with W. David Woods, author of the wonderful book How Apollo Flew to the Moon.

Part 1, How Apollo Flew to the Moon (Web, MP3): In this episode, we go through an Apollo mission and discuss aspects such as the mission structure, the workshare between the crew and mission control, communication and telemetry, guidance and navigation, approach, landing and re-launch on the Moon as well as re-entry and landing on earth.

Part 2, How Apollo Explored the Moon (Web, MP3): In this episode we cover that part that we omitted in the first part: the time on the moon. We talk about life support, the various scientific instruments and experiments as well as the technology and use of the lunar rover.

(you can get the feed with the MP3 enclosures from the Podcast website.

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