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Joe Dramiga, PhD is a neurogeneticist. He studied at the University of Cologne and at King's College London. If you would like to contact Joe Dramiga you can e-mail him directly at: jdramiga@googlemail.com


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Do Individuals with Deletions in the SFPQ Gene will get Down Syndrome and later develop a Frontotemporal Disorder with NFT?

Posted 2 April 2015 by Joe Dramiga

Usually children with Down syndrome have trisomy 21: They inherited an extra copy of chromosome 21 leading to 3 copies (one from Mom, one from Dad, plus one extra). In this article I suggest that there might be children with Down syndrome which don't have trisomy 21 but deletions in the gene SFPQ which is located on chromosome 1. In addition I provide some evidence that these individuals could develop a frontotemporal disorder with NFT in late adulthood. ... Read more

Darwin the University Student and his Mentors

Posted 11 February 2015 by Joe Dramiga

Darwin’s father Robert had a successful medical practice. When Charles was sixteen his father decided that medicine was to be his son’s calling. Charles arrived at Edinburgh University in the autumn of 1825. He was accompanied by his brother Erasmus, who was completing his medical course, also with some misgivings. Not surprisingly, he found the prospects grim. In fact, the Edinburgh medical course was anathema. Edinburgh “Dr Duncan’s lectures on Materia Medica at eight o’clock on a winter’s morning are... Read more

Black Like Me: How Virtual Embodiment Reduces Implicit Racial Bias

Posted 23 December 2014 by Joe Dramiga

When we look down at our body, we immediately experience that it belongs to us. We do not experience our body as a set of fragmented parts, but rather as a single entity. This body self-perception is traced to specialized multisensory neurons in various parts of the brain, specifically the bilateral ventral premotor and left intraparietal cortices and the left putamen [1], that integrate different sensory inputs across all body parts into a unified view of the body. ... Read more

Does It Matter?

Posted 5 December 2014 by Joe Dramiga

New York City Police suspected Eric Garner of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes on a Staten Island sidewalk. In an attempt to place him under arrest, Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Garner in what NYPD Chief Bill Bratton describes as a chokehold. Garner was pronounced dead about an hour later at a hospital. ... Read more